Leashpod…the doggie genie for your daily walks is here!

If you have a dog or know someone with a dog, then you know that carrying those dirty dog waste bags is no fun…it’s not clean, it’s not sanitary! Leashpod takes that disgusting bag out of your hand and into the Leashpods hidden bin.

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Let’s face it; it isn’t sanitary to carry dirty dog bags in your hands.  In fact, it is downright embarrassing!  Leashpod takes that dirty bag out of your hands and into a hidden bin in the back of the Leashpod.  When you get to a garbage can, simply press the release, and you never have to touch that bag again.

Leashpod is available in the North American Market for the first time! Winner of the British Inventors Society Double Gold Innovation Awards. A patented and trademarked product design.

Discreet Waste Bin

Handy Bag Dispensers

Fresh Scent Deodorizer

Convenient Storage Pockets

About The Vet’s Daughter L.L.C.

Brought to you by The Vet’s Daughter, LLC, Leashpod is the new innovative dog-walking accessory that eliminates the need to carry around a dirty dog bag.  With a full utility patent, Leashpod originated in the U.K. where it was the winner of the British Inventors Society Double Gold Innovation Award, a coveted honor in the U.K. Leashpod has since been brought to the U.S. market by Miriam Younger, who comes from a family of veterinarians. Younger acquired the patent in January 2016 when she began to market it in the U.S. through a Kickstarter campaign, where she saw a steady flow of visitors and sales. The young company was even seeing success in 2013. With no website, distribution, or manufacturing, Leashpod found its way into the hands of Kathy Lee Gifford of NBC’s Today Show. Leashpod was included as one of Gifford’s favorite things in her “pick of the week.”