Las Vegas Blackjack Basics

Blackjack originated from France in the eighteenth century and has kept circulating throughout the entire universe.

It has been reported that it is one of the most popular card games around the globe at the moment. It always easy to mention that the game is quite simple to play but the fact is that no player will enjoy the game if he or she doesn’t have direct focus, be able to make fast decision, have fast statistics and calculation skills.

Nobody wants to loose in any game and the best way of ensuring that you do not loose in any blackjack game is to try as much as possible to bust the dealer. This can be done by either using the basic blackjack strategy, card counting playing strategy, and the chart or table method of play.


If you are someone that doesn’t want anything to do with calculation, then you may opt for another type of card game because blackjack is a game of calculation and entails small summations and subtractions from time to time during the gaming session. This unique but simple game of numbers has its own rules which every player is expected to be conversant with. Note that different casinos might have different playing rules so you are advised to look up the casinos to see which one that has rules that aligns more with your gaming strategy.

For example, if your winning strategy is ‘card counting’, you shouldn’t have to enter a casino where card counting isn’t allowed. So you have to avoid the embarrassment of being neaten or simply thrown out of the casino hall because you broke some vital gaming rules. Check the rules, if they aren’t good enough for you, go to another casino. You don’t want to go to a casino where there would be very few players. You have to consider the patronage level of any casino you want to visit to ascertain how user-friendly they are generally. While in the gaming hall, it is best to find tables that have more players because it simply means that more people are winning on such tables at the moment.

But that doesn’t mean that you join the rowdy table where drunks are playing. Going to the casino is for some reasons which may be just to play and have fun but winning isn’t completely ruled out as well. There are some casinos that usually offer some free rum or alcoholic drinks. You are advised not to take such drinks because it will affect your concentration and you will lose more or even all your games.

That is the only reason you are offered the free drinks in the first place by the way! The casinos also try to get more money from you by offering you gaming insurance. Do not touch it at all because it is just a ploy to reap you off. Enter the hall with the amount of money that you can comfortably loose and laugh it all off. If you end of winning, you are lucky!