Online Slots Definition

Online slots are the simplest of casino games. The aim in playing, is to get a winning combination of symbols on the best possible bet. To play online slots, you need to place a bet. For every spin you play, you can choose either Bet Max, or Bet One. Bet Max is always better, as it increases your chances of winning a good payout. However, if you prefer to play safe, you can bet one chip at a time. When using the Bet Max option, the wheels start spinning automatically. Bet One requires you to click for each spin. Many online slot machines are multi-denominational. This gives you the option to choose what amount of wager you wish to bet, on the same game. Some games are only for single amounts, limiting the player’s betting. In general, the bets placed on each spin is taken as ‘final’ by casinos. Even if spinning is done prematurely and in error by the player, it cannot be reversed. So take care to review each bet before spinning the reels.

The Meaning Of The Symbols

Online slot machines have symbols. You need to place your bet on a payline, and when the reels stop spinning, the set of symbols you have bet on, should match the symbols on the payline. Every game has its own different symbols, but to make payment, three matching symbols are required. Mixed symbols are allowed by some games. If symbols are not on the same line, but match on the final board, scatter payouts are given. Some slot games have straight lines, diagonals, and ‘V’ lines as betting options. If you have not placed any wager, and the symbols come out matching, no winnings are paid. Horizontal paylines have the same system.

How Jackpots Are Won

Some online slot games pay out jackpots based on the amount that is bet on individual lines. The jackpot is multiplied with the number of credits that you bet on the winning line, or the total bets on the board. Some slot games calculate the jackpot in a different way. They require you to bet on every payline on the screen, if the jackpot gets a three symbol match, and the match happens on the center payline.

How To Ensure Safe And Secure Play

Safe and secure playing of online slots will depend on which casino you select. You should always play in a recognized online slots gaming site. A site that assures players of safe play.

The Number Of Online Slot Games Available

The Classic Single Line Slots – which are the traditional slot game.

The Multi Line Slots – for this game, you have to increase both your reels, as well as your lines. The more variations bet, the better chances of winning.

Progressive Slots – in this game, everytime you bet, a part of your bet gets put into the jackpot, or collective pool. To increase your chances of winning the communal jackpot, you need to increase your play.

Multi Spin Slots – This game involves 9 reels spinning simultaneously. It offers more winning opportunities, and is a more sophisticated online slots game.

Other Slots games are: 5 Reel Slots, Fruit Machines, and Slots with Bonus features.